Narcissists Are Real

One moment I shall never forget is when I realized there were people in this world with no feeling toward other human beings. No caring, no empathy, no consideration. These are narcissists and the only reason other people are in their lives is to make the narcissists feel good. Narcissists have to be admired, followed, worshiped, or celebrated. They should never been ignored, criticized, or mocked.

My best friend sent me to see a therapist because I was behaving badly around one of the managers at the large electronics company where I worked. She was an attractive older woman who bought her clothes and jewelry in Paris and New York City had a tan during the cold Oregon winters. People were mesmerized by her. They hung on her every word. We all stared when she passed by. I sensed her lack of interest in me and other employees and coped with my discomfort by talking about this manager behind her back.

The therapist explained to me that as long as I admired the narcissist all would be okay, but when I stopped and she felt my lack of admiration, she could not tolerate having me around because my presence made her feel bad. She explained that the best way to determine if someone is a narcissist is to watch him or her enter a room. If you feel like the queen (or king) has arrived, that person may be a narcissist. She told me that the best way to deal with a narcissist is to run. A narcissist can hurt you.

Be careful.